Testimonial 1 : Large scale renovation in Beecroft NSW

After 15 years spent raising a family and growing a business, Leanne and Damien agreed that the family home was feeling the effects of neglect, lack of space and quite frankly, was a bit of an eye sore in an otherwise beautiful neighbourhood. However they shared a dream to beautify their home, add modern conveniences and, to create a relaxed and spacious entertainment area for their friends and the friends of their now teenage children.

Before choosing DirectBuild, Leanne and Damien considered hiring a project manager but after obtaining several quotes, decided they wanted to have more control over their project and the option they were looking at couldn’t give them that. That’s when a friend referred them to DirectBuild and they haven’t looked back since.

The scope of their renovations included the construction of new entertaining areas, new master bedroom, a deck, balcony, rendering of the entire house and extensive landscaping. Damien recalls –

“The project required every trade imaginable, DirectBuild obtained multiple quotes from every trade needed and we were so happy with the prices! Not only that, each trade turned up when they said they would, were courteous and cleaned up after themselves.”

In addition to providing pre-screened, reliable tradespeople, DirectBuild provided access to a range of suppliers of building materials. Leanne recalls –

“When shopping for materials, Damien and I would pay no attention to the advertised prices because we knew as a client of DirectBuild, we paid trade prices”

The DirectBuild building system was very straightforward and made it very easy for the Owner Builder. Damien said –

“The manual that DirectBuild provides explained everything step-by-step and was very easy to understand. Compared to a construction manager, DirectBuild have conservatively saved us $12,500 to $15,000 on the cost of the project”

“We would recommend DirectBuild to any Owner Builders who want the satisfaction of saving lots of money and doing it their way.”

– Leanne and Damien, Beecroft


Testimonial 2 : Renovators delight to delighted owners in Normanhurst

Julianne and David bought their original 1950’s weatherboard home 3 years ago. The appeal in the property was the excellent location, large house and land size and the potential to renovate.

After having plans drawn to extend the house which included a large open plan family room and modern kitchen, along with a new roof over the existing deck, Julianne and David obtained several quotes from builders. At this stage they had not considered becoming owner builders, despite the expected cost savings as they believed that managing the project themselves as Owner Builders, with two young children, would be too time consuming and they were not confident they had the skills to do so .

After being alerted to the services offered by DirectBuild, Julianne and David realised that they could achieve the best of both worlds. By blending DirectBuilds’ building expertise, supply of reliable, pre-screened tradespeople and tremendous buying power, with the cost saving benefits of Owner Building Real savings were achieved without compromising the quality of the work.

Julianne reflects over their decision at the time to go with DirectBuild –

“After meeting with DirectBuild we had the confidence to become owner builders, they showed us how to manage the project, provided us with an easy to follow system, and most importantly provided us with the back up and support we needed if we were to be confronted by any difficulties”

Furthermore, Julianne enjoyed the freedom of being able to select their own tradespeople if they wished but was very impressed with the quality of those that DirectBuild recommended.

“They turned up when they said they would, were easy to communicate with, and most importantly, they worked extremely hard . The project was completed on time which was very important to us with a young family”

When the project was complete, Julianne and David tallied up their receipts and reflected back over the builders quotes.

“We definitely saved over $15,000 compared to signing on with a Builder, plus we got exactly what we wanted”

Finally, Julianne has this to say to anyone interested in becoming an Owner Builder-

“DirectBuild is the sure way to save money and to take the stress and uncertainty out of project managing your own extensions and renovations. Thank you so much DirectBuild we were very happy with the process and thrilled with the final results”

– Julianne and David, Normanhurst


Testimonial 3 : Knock down and rebuild in East Ryde

After 9 years, Bill and Livia outgrew their home in East Ryde and decided it was time for a change. The change they decided upon was to demolish the existing house and replace it with a brand new one.

Before calling in the bulldozers, Bill and Livia spent their weekends inspecting display home centres to help them decide which project home builders they should speak to. However it wasn’t going to be as easy as they first thought. Because their block had significant fall, an existing swimming pool to work around and some changes requested to designs, the project home builder path was proving to be very difficult indeed. Inflexibility as well as disproportionate increases in costs for even the smallest design changes caused Bill and Livia to look at other options.

They looked into becoming Owner Builders but because neither Bill nor Livia had any building experience, they were a little apprehensive of making mistakes or being misled by tradespeople. That’s when they were referred to DirectBuild. Livia recalls –

“DirectBuild explained everything in easy to understand terms and we decided to become Owner Builders and clients of DirectBuild at the same time. Looking back now, it was the right decision”

Since commencing the project, the phases of construction have gone smoothly and have sailed through inspections.

“the trades that we were introduced to have been good and we are delighted with the progress”Livia said

Compared to using a project home builder,

“Thanks to DirectBuild, we got the home that we wanted and have the satisfaction of having done it ourselves”


Bill and Livia, East Ryde



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